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Marketing is not the end of the development process, it is the basis for the concept and the thread running throughout – 'where is the market and who is the purchaser?’ must be the mantra for successful real estate development

Malcolm Lea


Our business is about achieving results through listening, planning, and executing to deliver commercial business solutions and strategies for Clients which fully address the issues whether in real estate or other invested sectors.

With hands-on cross border experience - particularly in real estate - within the European Union, Greenside has the specific expertise and knowledge to field situations not only in the UK but also in Spain, France, Poland, Germany and the Baltic States whereby the commercial choices and risks can be fully reconciled.

Greenside Solutions thus delivers clarity of thought in formulating independent and market focussed strategies for performing or impaired assets / investments including portfolio strategies to exit which can be implemented and achieved.

  • Independent strategic advice
  • Implementation of agreed strategy
  • Planned exit